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Our terms and conditions for every tour: 

(1) Right to participate:

  • Eligible are only cars and motorcycles with a German H-Registration or a minimum age of 30 years. Vehicles, which series and types were produced earlier than 30 years, are also eligible, even if the vehicle is not yet 30 years old. The organizer can approve exceptions.
  •  The vehicle has to be insured and legally approved by the EU.
  • The participant is responsible that his/her vehicle is in a maintenance condition that would allow a tour without problems. The participant is responsible for the compliance of valid traffic regulations in the country of the tour, as well as the road safety of his/her own vehicle. 
  • The participant assures, when entering the tour, that he/she is able to navigate the car/motorcycle, and is in possession of a driver´s license for cars/motorcycles, which is valid in the EU.
  • In case the vehicle breaks down for any reason, and cannot be repaired in a reasonable time, the organizer offers one replacement vehicle. If the replacement vehicle is already used by another participant, the participant is not entitled to claim further participation. This also does not entitle the participant to a regular termination of the contract. In those cases, a claim of the participant of partial reimbursement does not exist.

(2) Conduct of the tour: In case not enough participants have signed up for the tour, the tour operator reserves the right to cancel the tour. In the event of cancellation, the entire amount of the attendance fee already paid will be refunded. Short-term, organizational changes are possible at any time and do not lead to claim a reduction in price, in case the changes are of equivalent level.


(3) Tour Price: With the confirmation of the trip application via the booking confirmation per e-mail, the participant has to make a down payment of 20% of the tour price per person. With the booking confirmation, you will receive a security note in accordance with §651k BGB. The remaining amount of the tour price is due after the request of the organizer, 30 days before departure. In case the payment is neglected in the period given, the organizer is entitled to terminate the contract without notice and withhold the down payment for expenditures that have already been occurred.


(4) Travel Cancellation Terms:

  • The participant may cancel the travel agreement at any time before the start date of the trip. The time of the statement of withdrawal from the contract is decisive. In case the participant cancels the tour, for any reason whatsoever, the following terms and conditions and cancellation policy of the Tour Operator comes into place
    • Cancellation up to  42 days (6 weeks) before starting date of the tour: free
    • Cancellation from 41 days to 30 days before starting date of the tour: 50% of the total price
    • Cancellation from 29 days to 15 days before starting date of the tour: 80% of the total price
    • Cancellation from 14 days before the starting date of the tour: 100% of the total price
  • The participant may request that a third party (substitute) occurs in the rights and obligations of the travel contract. The operator can refuse the participant's request for a change in persons if there are important reasons (e.g. no availability of two single rooms instead of a double room).
  • Not utilized services will principally not be reimbursed, this is particularly true for non-timely arrival to departure or early departure.
  • To hedge the tour, the tour operator suggests to take out a trip cancellation insurance and, if necessary, a foreign health insurance.

(5) Liabilities of the travel participant: The participants take part in the vintage vehicle tour at their own risk and bears responsibility (civil and criminal law) for any damage caused by the participant, co-driver or the vehicle. All clients are furthermore responsible for obeying road traffic regulations and all legal obligations.


(6) Liability of the tour operator:

  • The tour operator is liable due diligence for the correctness of the stated travel services as well as a conscientious travel settlement. Transport with third service providers (e.g. bus or boat) shall be according to the terms of the external carrier in each case.

  • The tour participant, as well as, if different, the owner and holder of the participant vehicles, hereby renounces all claims and any right to action or regress against the tour operator as a result of any incident incurring damage, unless said incident is caused intentionally by or as a result of gross negligence on the part of the tour operator, altogether regarding indemnity claim or regress towards the organizer, designee, commissaries, authorities or other person in association with the event.

  • The tour operator is not liable for damages or thievery of the vehicle of the tour participant. This applies to thievery, and any damage to the vehicle or any other asset of the tour participant.

  • The contractual liability for damage shall be limited in total three times the tour participation cost. This restriction shall not be valid in cases of wrongful intent or gross negligence. This maximum sum is applicable in each case for each individual travel participant and tour he/she may take. The tour operator is not liable for impairment of performance in connection with services that are only brokered as third party services.

  • The tour participant is obliged to co-operate in case of problems in order to avoid or reduce potential damages. In particular, the participant shall communicate his/her complaints regarding defects to the tour operator immediately so that the situation can be remedied without delay. If the participant neglects to notify a defect in time and is at fault for this neglect, this can have the result that the participant will not assert any claims against the tour operator (reduction of purchase price, and damages).

  • When canceling a trip due to majeure force, oldtimer-urlaubsreisen is entitled to a reasonable compensation for services already rendered or services necessary to complete the journey.

(7) Data Protection: By closing the travel contract for the above-mentioned tour, the participant and his co-driver agree that the tour operator is allowed to take pictures and videos of all participants, cars and motorcycles during the tour, and share them on public media. The participant will not enter a protest against the tour operator or the media disclosing their data. The tour operator holds all copyrights for vintage vehicle tour.


(8) Miscellaneous: Legal claims of the participant against the tour operator are to be asserted in writing within one month after the termination of the tour. After the expiration of this deadline, claims can only be asserted if the participant was unable to adhere to the deadline without actual fault. Any claim for damages that the participant has expires after a period of two years.


(9) Severability Clause: In the event of individual regulations of these terms of use being ineffective the effectiveness of the remaining regulations shall remain intact. The invalid clause is then replaced by an appropriate valid clause nearest to the old one, as far as legally possible. German law applies exclusively for the travel contract.



Penzing, February 2016