Who is behind the scenes?

Naturally, you would like to know who is organizing everything and does this person even have enough experience. Therefore, please find a short summary about us, Ernst and Helmut Behrens, the initiators of oldtimer-urlaubsreisen. 

The Old One

Ernst Behrens und Helmut Behrens mit einer DKW auf Oldtimer Tour

In the end of the 1960´s, Helmut was infected by the "virus". Back then, the term "Youngtimer" did not exist yet. Someone who was driving a car from the 1950´s and took the effort to maintain it, was usually referred to as a nutcase. A Mercedes, our 220B Convertible, was the the one car he completely fell for. Today "Obelix", as the car is called, still exists, however, with a lot more kilometers on the clock. It became part of the family.  Soon, more cars, motorcycles and also a truck, joined the collection of Helmut, but he was experiencing the same problem every collector faces: the more space, the more "scrap". the passion still consists with the same motto after all those years: Collecting  - Fine-tuning & Maintaining - and especially, Driving!

Up to the mid 1980´s, Helmut was president of the Mercedes Benz Classic Car Club (MVC) in Munich(Germany), thereby shaping and influencing the Mercedes classic car scene. During this time, he had already facilitated the first classic car tours. Additionally, he added the organization of many vintage car rallies and tours to his portfolio. The Mercedes-Classic Car Tour in 1983 was legendary: more than 130 cars drove across Munich and were accompanied by the Group "White Mice" and the Prime Minister Franz Josef Strauß.

During all these years, Helmut participated in hundreds of events and organized dozens of tours, either privately or for clubs around the world. Destinations in Europe have been Turkey, the Pyrenees, the North Cape or Sicily, and many more. His personal dreams came true: from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, on the famous Highway No.1 from Canada to Mexico, and one of the undisputed highlights: "Karakoram" from Pakistan to the border of China and all the way back through Afghanistan. Of course, every tour executed with a vintage vehicle, either a motorcycle or a car.


The Young One

Mercedes 220 B Cabrio auf Reise in Italien

It was quite logical for Ernst to enter into the same hobby and find it interested and fulfilling in the same way. Either in the 220B Convertible "Obelix", in the Mercedes W319 Ambulance or in the back seat of the DKW - as a small child he took part in everything with huge enthusiasm.

In his youth, he devoted himself successfully to motorsport, especially go-kart driving. For many years, he has been successful on Europe´s race tracks and celebrated many national and international victories. The highlight was the win of the European Championship in 2006! He was the first German after 4-times F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel. Afterwards, during his business studies and his occupation as a management consultant, the joy of repairing, driving and traveling with classic cars and motorcycles never vanishes. Ernst expanded the 

family´s collection and already took part in dozens of rallies and tours with vintage vehicles. Additionally, he organized many tours privately with his friends, who share the same love for classic cars and motorcycles



Why does oldtimer-urlaubsreisen.de exist?

We would like to share our passion and experience with you and (pretty egoistic) surround us with people, who have the same passion as we do! Therefore, we offer you our tours, which we already drove and experienced ourselves! We know the perspective of a participant in these kinds of events and, therefore, know which details are important to guarantee you a once in a lifetime experience!

We are looking forward to sharing the days in a familial environment, along great routes!


So, see you on the road !